Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In case you didn’t make it…

In case you missed one of the services this past weekend at Windsor Crossing, here’s a recap...

Opener: All Because of You U2
w/ produced media support
Worship: Jesus Paid It All & Amazing Love
Feature Song: This Grudge Alanis Morissette
w/ produces media support
Message: Forgiveness
Brian Wells, teaching pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Cincy, Ohio was our guest speaker this weekend.

Brian’s talk was about forgiving others who have wronged you. The front part of the service was to remind us that we can forgive only because we have been forgiven by the grace of God through Christ. The feature song talked about being wronged and struggling through those emotions and wanting to forgive. You can see or hear Brian’s talk by downloading the podcast. We had three panels in front of the room with words like grudge, hate, rage and resentment written in erasable marker. At the end of the service we gave the opportunity for people to ‘put the stake in the ground’ by coming and erasing a word that was symbolic to what they were forgiving or to just sit in their seat and take time with God to start dealing with those issues.


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