Tuesday, May 13, 2008

daddy day....

Tuesdays are my day off. [breathe in, breathe out…that feels good] Although I have been known to do some ‘work from home’ on my day off I do find time to just vegetate. In fact I am often pretty lethargic on Tuesdays. Teresa is gracious and allows me to move at a snail’s pace as I try to get stuff down around the house but I have always made time to hang with kids. Tuesdays are daddy days (it use to be Mondays when we lived in Wheaton).

There are only a few things that are better than when one of my daughters –or all of them- make their way for me when I sit down and snuggle up against me. That happened this morning. Everyone was out of the house but for me and my youngest daughter. I turned the TV. on and found Curious George on PBS and sat down on the sofa with her. She made her way over and nestled her head under my arm against my side and stretched her legs out along mine. For me, it is an amazing feeling for this little person to so her affection and try to be like me. Then God said in his sweet soft voice ‘I love it when you do this to me too Bill.’

In just a few weeks my youngest will be heading off in the mornings to kindergarten. It’s coming down to my last few days of cuddling on the sofa in front of Curious George on daddy day with her. But, as with my other two daughters, she will always be welcome to cuddle with me any time we can find. And so as I was thinking about my youngest growing up to fast God showed up in my thoughts and reminded me that I am always welcome to come and cuddle up with him- no matter how old I get or what gets in the way.

It’s amazing to think that I can cuddle up with the Creator of this Universe. Through prayer, time in the Bible or worship and just quiet time alone with Him. As much as that is a comfort for me, to realize how much that brings my Heavenly Father joy is life changing. I want everyday to be daddy day.



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