Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Andy Dunning.....

I enjoy surprises when they fit in my schedule and doesn’t cause havoc in my plans. Today was one of those surprises that I do enjoy. I had the pleasure of getting to spend a few hours with Andy Dunning. He was in town lighting a Christmas show and had the day off before opening day tomorrow. A text message and a phone call later we meet for lunch and spent some time in our auditorium talking shop.

Andy is a lighting designer out of Nashville who I brought up last year to help revamp our theatrical lighting rig for our HD video upgrade. We have stayed connected over phone and email over this past year and he has been generous in introducing me to a number of his connections in the business. His passion for not only tech and the heart behind the technician but the ministry of the local church was part of the conversation. I always love a good discussion with guys in my ‘industry’ that are not the full time church techs.

You can check out his work at www.landrudesign.com



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