Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Introducing LED

The world of LED is emerging. In doing my research I have found the benefits of LED for the live performance venue. I love what they bring to the table. There are a few draw backs but for what we want to use them for the major drawback is financial. We wanted an even wash for our upstage wall with the flexibility of coloring mixing and video playback would be cool giving us some amazing creative options. Such a unit priced around $2000 was expensive, let alone needing over 20 units for the coverage we wanted.

Now enter a buddy of mine that serves a church outside of the Atlanta area (If I told you his name you would be amazed…that I actually had a friend.) He told me about this LED fixture that they have been using. At the price point, it's a good little dmx unit with RGB mixing and on board dimmer. It did not do video but at under $200 dollars a unit we were willing to sacrifice. Check out the pictures on the previous post to see how it performs – all the color washes are the LED units.

If you're interested in the contact information to get your own LED units, email me and I will forward it to you. We are pretty happy with them.


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