Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Joshia Leming...

Well…I am sort of an American Idol fan. Go ahead, I will wait till you’re done laughing…….. OK, I have called a few of the winners early in the show over the past six seasons. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are two of my fav’s even to this day. I have been terribly disappointed with the likes of Ruben and that one of other girl (I can’t remember her name –can you? didn’t think so) won. Last year…just wasn’t much there, but at least Jordin Sparks took it home.

Since American Idol has been on I have had my favorites –but they were usually female. Tonight, that changed. Behind his keyboard, Josiah Leming declared he is the next American Idol with his fresh vocals and passionate performance. There is a bit of his British accent that only comes through of this Tennessee born kid that is intriguing and maybe even bothersome, but he drew me in…and I’m voting for Josiah Leming!

So, will Josiah, with his own –ah, mistake of a version of Stand By Me to be one of the Top 24? Check out his myspace and his vids on youtube. We will see tomorrow if I am one step closer to 'pickin 'em right' this year.



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