Tuesday, February 5, 2008

something good...

Ok, so I have this blog and I post stuff and you come and read it. Isn't it a pretty cool time to be alive? I had almost 500 visits from all over the world last month and all I do is post stuff that is in my head or stuff I do or read. Big deal, huh?

My Goal:, Carlos, and a bunch of his buddies (nope, he didnt invite me this time) are headed over to Africa in a few days. They all will be blogging about thier trip and experiences with children of Uganda and Compassion International. The purpose of the trip is to get kids sponsored.

I know, you are thinking I am doing all of this just to get Carlos to visit the blog, well, not really.

Ragamuffin Soul in Uganda

I want to be a part of change. I think as humans, most all of us do. This is so simple. This is to simple. Wanna change the world with me? Let's do something good....



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