Thursday, March 27, 2008

it's been a while....

It’s been a while since I have checked in. I was busy, of course, with prepping for our seven Easter services. We welcomed over 7100 folks over seven identical services from Good Friday through Easter. We did a ton of tweaking throughout the weekend, each tweak making the service just that much better. I love working within an organization that plans and preps and plans some more all to change an element to better communicate the Gospel in that service. There are so many great people that make up these teams that make it so easy to turn on a dime when needed. I have some thoughts from this past weekend but need to process a little more before I put them in writing.

Easter snuck up on me as I was in the middle of refining some of our production team leadership, continuing to define our system of shooting and capturing our service and message video, tech system upgrades and planning and prepping for our fifth service. The 5th @ 5 is our fifth service on Sunday nights at 5pm. We will be doing pretty much most of the service live but only the teaching portion will be via video. This is a bit different than our Loft Experience. The Loft is basically a simulcast of each service and but will ‘go live’ in the Loft for Announcements or another element like communion or a worship song, but then go back to video. Sunday night will be the opposite – all live and go to video for the teaching. This will probably be the best experience for us before we go off campus with a multi site location.

Our recent HD video upgrade will shine as we deliver content during the 5th @ 5 to a 8 x 14 foot screen with an Eiki LC-W5 6000 lumen WXGA LCD projector. We will drop the HD video down to an external hard drive out of Final Cut Pro and will playback through ProPresenter. Details and specs on the hardware and software will be forthcoming.

I will probably be out for the next few days but will try to get back atleast by next Tuesday and give a run down of our very first 5th @ 5 service this coming Sunday night and how the new system and team did.



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