Friday, June 20, 2008

Baptism '08

Baptism 2008 is in two days. Sunday evening over 240 people will be wading into the man made pond behind our building and showing the world their decision to follow Christ. Baptism is a pretty big deal around The Crossing. Sunday night will be a big party with a whole lot of people, lots of food, music, cheering and clapping, hugs and lots of tears....and pony rides!

I accepted the position here last year right before baptism and the church brought Teresa, the girls and I down to be a part of the baptism celebration last year. It was a blast and made a huge impact on us as we watching more than 280 people get baptized. We knew we made the right choice as we were following God to a place where it was evident He was working. As we drove off campus that night I remember my oldest daughter saying ‘do you think I could get baptized there next year?’

Well, this year she will be one of those 240 people stepping into the waters. Teresa and I get the chance to be in the water with her as she tells the world of her decision to be a Christ follower. We are so proud of her. After the baptism, she will be part of the music on the main stage. This night will be emotional for me to see her take that step into the water and then onto stage.

I still love being a part of The Crossing.



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