Sunday, December 21, 2008

what a good God.....

We are just about to wrap up our fourth Christmas Eve service and have one more this evening before a well deserved day off tomorrow.

The services have gone pretty well. Considering all the details, people and potential for problems – we are doing great. We were already in our infamous tweak mode last night which is a really good place to be in this point of the game (err, services). Stories are already coming back to us about how God is moving in peoples lives through these services...What a good God.

Things flying up and down from the catwalks, a train riding across the stage, fifty one light cues, a wii remote and inferred pen, an awesome tech crew, an amazing band and a phenomenal pastor laying it down. It is a different Christmas Eve service for us….but at the core it is us. We are not about doing big productions or bells and whistles at Christmas. We have 10,000 seats available for these services….almost double or our regular weekend service. We want those visitors to experience who we really are on this optimum holiday time. So all those things mentioned about are not out of the ordinary for us.

I will start posting pics and vids (if possible) during our Tuesday night service and then throughout Wednesday….which Christmas Eve. Wow – three days away.

Until then, I want to leave you with a really good blog post from my buddy Tim. Last week, Greg used a quote from Dallas Willard…
"What a good god God must be to think up somebody like you."

...and it really hit me. I was going to blog about it, but Tim did a great job so I will let him share it with you. Read it here…



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