Thursday, July 23, 2009

tdrt kickoff.....

Kicked the Technical Director's Roundtable off this afternoon with nine TD's from California, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. Four other guys were not available to connect with us. It was an interesting session. Good conversation about digital consoles, ideas on training the team on digital and some discussion about our I.T. departments. We ended the session with a prayer for our teams, leaders and ministries. 
I have looked forward to this for some time now. It has been kind of a dream of mine to gather other TD's and develop our own community. To share ideas, learn from others, and know that Im not the only one going through something is important. I know there are other resources and opportunities for church techies but not really a focused group for full-time church technical ministry leaders. We have some great guys at the table and I know there are more that are interested in joining. I look forward to seeing what and how this roundtable develops.



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