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original post April 28, 2010

I had a chance to chat with a couple of guys on the tech staff at a local church the other day.  We ended the conversation talking about boundaries, boundaries as they pertain to our job, or as we call it in the church world – ‘ministry’.  These boundaries are, more than not, are never healthy for the local church techie. 
While we are the first one in and the last one out and we love what we do – alright, we are passionate about what we got to do.  Because we are passionate we can often lose sight of what healthy boundaries are.  That’s right, I’m putting the blame on us, the church tech for not setting those boundaries.   Honestly, your senior pastor or your worship pastor probably has a little idea of what you actually do and what it takes (both in your time and in dollar) for you to pull off what happens on your church campus week in and week out. 
By the time we get to the point of wanting someone to know we are spent beyond our capacity and want to slap anyone that walks by and asks you how you are doing.  And still, when that last minute video needs to get done or one more event needs to happen we jump in and make it happen.  It’s our responsibility to take care of ourself.
I’ve been leading my tech staff here at The Crossing in a conversation about margin…or boundaries.  How do we create that space in the high stress, time intense enviorment that we live and work in.  How do we create that space so we can better engage with our volunteers to connect and converse with instead of always pushing to make tasks happen around here.  As we have started creating that space, God has been opening doors for some great opportunites for us to connect with our volunteers.
But this margin – or boundaries is critical to not only ministry but in our personal life with family and friends.  So how do you protect yourself and your boundaries.  Well first you have to set those personal property lines.  Do you even know what boundaries are?  If not, a great place to start is by picking up Henry Cloud’s book called Boundaries   It’s a great read and insight that will change your life…both personal and ministry.
As you work through that book , pray and ask God to show you where your personal property lines need to be drawn.  How to establish and communicate those boundaries so other know.  Pray for your leadership and how to enter in to a conversation with them about your boundaries.  It may be a great book and concept to introduce to them.
Bottom line is that we love what we do and the cherish the opportunity to serve with great volunteers utilizing technology in the church.  Most of us will give it our all to do that.  But God has not called us to sacrifice our all to do that.  He has called us to be spouses and parents, disciple makers and most of all – to be healthy.
I would love to hear your feedback and comments and anything you have found to work for you in your pursuit for boundaries.

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