Sunday, September 20, 2009

form vs. function

I posted about this a few weeks ago, Authentic worship production...saying that it seems we are at the beginning of another shift in church technology. The cause of this shift stems for the desire in churches across the country to move from production focused to authenticity based experiences in their services. That doesn’t mean that the production aspect is less quality, it just becomes less showy or ‘ta-da’ and more solid in expressing that authenticity. In other words, we are moving away from form and back to function.

Ben Arment at his blog blogged about Creative Revearsal.....atleast for a season. It is a thought provoking post along with some great comments from his readers.

It seems that this 'shift' I was blogging about earlier continues to move forward. We desire to move beyond the form of our worship and get to the basic function of our worship. Form will engage all of us at some level. Function will fill that void that all of us long for. Sometimes getting it all out of the way so you and God can commune is what you have to do......

Now, dont be fooled. I am a full time technical director for a local church. Technology and the weekend experience is what I get paid to do. Creating engaging enviorments through the use of tech and media that others can connect with God and others is a passion. I guess all I am saying is we can't be so tied to one form and realize that striping all the gear and video away is a form all it's own.



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