Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Goal: Scott Hodge

Here’s the down low – I’m tired of posting little ditty’s that are in my head and stuff about church and figure you are pretty tired of reading them (though you are still here reading). I could easily give you a glimpse of my list of blogs I follow by posting them over there on the right hand column but that would be so blah as everyone else does the same (not that it’s a bad thing). So I’m thinking how I could do something different and fun. This is what I came up with….


Goal: is my way of sharing with you the blogs I follow by pursuing the poor person long enough that they will visit my blog (either by noticing the large amount of traffic coming from my blog link or someone telling them) and posting a comment on my blog of one blog that is their favorite. They are also encouraged to answer questions that are posted in the Comments by you! Yup -ask away...anything you want! Then we all get to go and see what’s up with their favorite blog. See-this will be fun...and I am the Master of Fun! All this with the goal of having my favorite bloggers (that includes you) post a comment on my blog.

My first Goal: is....

Goal: Scott Hodge
Current Occupation: Lead Pastor, Orchard Valley Community Church, Aurora, IL
Blog address:

Beyond the blog: I have been reading Scott’s blog for some time now…close to two years maybe? He was one of the first blogs that I read and have stuck with. I like what he says and love what he is doing out in Aurora, IL which is like 30 minutes from where I use to live and work in Wheaton, IL. Scott and I have had a conversation or two via email and he actually invited me out to have coffee with him once, though differences in taste in coffee didn’t allow it (he likes Starbucks, I liked Caribou). If my schedule would have allowed or they thought of starting a Saturday service back when we were in Wheaton I would have loved to attended a service at Orchard Valley. I do know that he visits this blog every once in a while….let’s see how long it will be before he posts.

Let the fun begin folks!



Blogger Scott Hodge said...

hey bill! thanks for the nice words! sorry we never made it out for coffee. i would have met you at caribou just to humor you, you know. :)

January 23, 2008 at 8:33 PM  
Blogger Bill Swaringim said...

just to humor me????

And what is this, commenting within 30 minutes after I post. You weren't suppose to be that fast. By the way, what blog is on top of your current blog list - share with us please.

Thanks Scott!

January 23, 2008 at 8:53 PM  

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