Monday, January 21, 2008

...its been a week

It has been like a week since I have posted anything here. Church is keeping me busy and my mind is nonstop with what we have going on and upcoming. While it is mentally taxing, I love that I am a part of a church that is continually looking for ways to connect with people. Part of that means taking elements or the entire worship service outside of our auditorium. That currently looks like a HD video feed to a 8 x 14 foot screen with full tech support around it in another room on campus we call The Loft. This is our testing ground of things to come with our plans to go multi-site this year….and that may be sooner than later. Multi site stuff and a run down of our HD video upgrade will be great future posts.

But for now I was happy when I came across this...

...then I was bummed I didn’t find it a month or two ago.



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