Sunday, January 6, 2008

youth weekend...

It’s Youth Weekend at The Crossing –meaning Student Ministries took the place over. I got to take today (Sunday) off and on my end (the tech side of things) youth and volunteer youth staff took the helm for the weekend worship services. No worries here though with things in the good hands of tech intern SteveO.

I sat through run-through, the first service and the debrief meeting Saturday night and then got to sit with Teresa and Brittany the second service and experience it from that perspective. I inherited a phenomenal team. Along with Randall and Rob, our new student ministries creative arts guys Eric, the youth band that led worship, our tech team did a stellar and professional job. I loved sitting in that seat last night realizing that I wasn’t even thinking about ‘tech’ and let alone worship was being led by a bunch of kids half my age but caught myself worshipping….thanks guys!

This entire weekend didn’t happen just because some kids have talent and we have a good sound system. It happened because adults have poured themselves into this generation. It doesn’t only happen in youth services but talented adults bring young people under their wing and lead them, train them and love them. Some churches will tell you that the ‘young people are the church of tomorrow’ and hire a youth pastor and let them have their own service. The Crossing has realized that the young people are the church of today and mentor them, lead them and let them be a contributing part of our weekend services and the church. I look forward to seeing my kids grow up here.

I will hopefully be able to update with some pics or video of the service.



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