Wednesday, January 2, 2008

starting off the year....

I will be starting the year off right and heading to Dallas to see the crew at Acoustic Dimensions, Inc and to look at a couple of new builds they have done in the area… Watermark Church and Northwoods (here’s some pics of their new building). This trip is to continue the ongoing discussion we are having for building Phase 3 of The Crossing.

Speaking of getting more seating…rumor has it that we had over 80% capacity for our ten Christmas Eve services. I will divulge that info and the Living Water total collected over the services as well in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I told you that you had to hear Greg’s Christmas Eve message…it’s online now and you can go here to get it.

And speaking of starting the year off right, the good people at Clark Pro Media in Atlanta sent me a Christmas card and copy of NorthPoint’s latest album Louder Than Creation. It is totally worth picking up – great music from those guys.

Please note: feel free to send me free stuff!



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