Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goal: Carlos Whittaker

Goal: Carlos Whittaker

Current Occupation: Service Program Director, Buckhead Church, Atlanta, GA

Beyond the blog: I have been tracking with ragamuffinsoul.com since Carlos was back with Sandals Church but for some reason I didn’t add him to my Google Reader until he went on staff at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA. I like what he has to say and the boldness he says it in. He has over 3500 readers of his blog so I am hoping that someone that knows someone that knows him will let Carlos know that he’s our Goal:. Now, I am not positive, but pretty sure Carlos doesn’t know who I am. I have never been in communication with him or anything. But he seems to be a pretty nice guy since he invited all of us to come and stay at his place some time.

Here’s the rules….

For you – the non Goal:
1) If you don’t know anything about the Goal: click on their blog and spend some time there.
2) Post your question that you want to ask our Goal: in the comments section. Feel free to add your name, blog and any info like that.
3) Feel free to engage in other posters comments….discussion is not a bad thing.
4) Be nice!

For you – the Goal:
Thanks for finding us! Please read through the comments and take a moment to answer. That’s it! We will be happy with just you being part of the conversation.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Carlos
I wanted to give you a heads up about a blog that is connected to a book coming out. the blog is www.itsthethoughtthatcountsbook.blogspot.com It is a blog that is about purity. It has advice and excerpts from the book. check it out and comment if you want. Thanks!

January 29, 2008 at 3:11 PM  

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