Wednesday, January 30, 2008

lost, love and soul.....

I have not yet jumped on the LOST bandwagon – the plot never intrigued me. I much rather watch Survivor. At least all that back biting and plot twists end up winning someone a million dollars. But I am watching this rerun finale that includes on-screen back story and facts of the show. One, to see if I can actually get into the show but two because our Lead Pastor at The Crossing wanted us to pay attention to the lower crawl of info and see how that enhances our experience. As we look toward doing church distributed (multi-site) we need to find creative ways to communicate and engage folks that would off-set the lack of interaction that our communicators facilitate so well. So hopefully I will get LOST one way or another.

So we have a new member on the team. I love her....we all do. Her name is Lulu. She is gorgeous. She is in her forties. Incredible body and pearly whites and man can she wail. WOW. This B3 organ is a great addition to the team. She is on loan from a very good friend. She has been totally refurbished for another job but we have her in the mean time. I can’t wait to mic her leslie cabinet, focus some blue light on her and set a B-shot camera on her keys to grab those great shots of the player sliding down the keys. Pics and possible video coming after the weekend.

No sign of Carlos yet. Our Goal: has yet not been achieved. Have you visited his blog We will continue till he finds us.



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