Friday, August 22, 2008

virtural introductions.....

I don’t think I have stopped since stepping off the plane from Dallas getting back from the Echo Conference. It was a great time. I still need to update on Day 2 of the conference. We had the opportunity to meet some cool people too. Let me introduce to two of my new buddies.

First, meet Pace Hartfield. Pace is the Worship Pastor at Fellowship Church. I had the opportunity to make the connection with him over email and then got to have lunch on Friday with him. That evening we, along with about 15 other media folk, hung out with Pace and his Media Pastor, Greg Bacus, as they opened up Fellowship Church and their backstage for some good Mexican food and some great conversation. Pace’s blog is full of good stuff and worth the time readying.

Another cool introduction is Josiah Platt. We met Josiah after a presentation by his former employer Pursuant which as a new application out call Unifyer (More about Unifyer in another post). Josiah is a web developer with an amazing heart to use his passions to reach peeps for Christ. He is now doing that with his own company Fuor and doing some creative and innovative things, like his pet project OuriPics. (If I had an iPhone I’d so be using this app. Check it out.)

Those aren’t the only two we met at Echo. We got to make some really cool connections with people that are doing it for the Kingdom. It jazzed me to be in that atmosphere with a group of creatives, as I knew it would. So…I will be back soon with my summary of Day 2



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