Tuesday, August 12, 2008

first day of school...part 2

So it is finally official. Back in July I got a taste of being an old man. Today I was served a full does of it. My oldest daughter started back to school with her first day at Middle School. All three of my daughters are now in school. This was my first day off with them in school. The house was quiet. Don’t get me wrong – I loved it! But I need to get use to it. I guess this is step one in ‘letting go’.

It was just a few days ago I remember dropping her off to preschool….now its middle school. It has been amazing to see her grow up from a shy little girl to an outgoing, creative and talented young lady that is so excited about moving on to Middle School and the friends and experiences that brings. I’m so proud to be the dad of this middle schooler.



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