Wednesday, January 7, 2009


cleaning out some files of my hard drive and found this from some vision and mission documents for my team at the previous church. I found some other goodies that I will share in the future.

This is how our crew defines excellence
Excellence is fully using your God given talents, abilities and resources to glorify Him.

Excellence is not optional; it is required.
God requires us to live and give Him the best of each of us - our life, our relationship, our finances, and our ministry. He deserves it. Could it be considered sin if we are not obedient in this area?

Excellence is not occasional; it is consistent every week.
God does not show up only on our Holiday calendar or when a guest speaker is booked…nor does He take summers off. Each Sunday we have sixty-five minutes to join corporately and worship. We must be intentional, focused and consistent about how technology is used creatively, effectively and appropriately in each worship service fulfilling our vision

Excellence is not mediocrity; it is not perfection.
Good enough is not enough and God knows that we are not perfect, however we must give one hundred percent in each area and every responsibility of our ministry. Almost anything in life is easy to do with mediocrity, it's doing things with greatness that takes effort.

Excellence is contagious.
Comparing our desire for excellence to other ministries or other people is not acceptable. We have been called to do the best we can do in our ministry, not judge others.



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