Thursday, January 24, 2008

Goal: Scott Hodge = Achieved.

So apparently Scott Hodge is an overachiever. He commented like 30 minutes after I posted. That’s ok…now the next Goal: will have something to live up to. If you have not yet checked him out and want some good insight in church leadership and a pastor that’s obsessed with St. Arbucks go check out Scott.

Since it has been less than 24 hours since I conceived this Goal: idea I have not put much thought on who would be my second Goal:…I was assuming I would have atleast a day to think about it. I’m thinking it’s a toss up between Tony and Carlos. Neither of them have a clue to who I am so it will be interesting.

I think I need to tweak this Goal: concept as well. I like the idea of thinking that blogs are mediums for online conversation. So, once I post a Goal: its then up to you, the reader, to post in the comment section questions for that Goal:. Then that Goal:, once we finds the blog, should answer those which I hope would let us get to know that person better and I would hope that it would stop at that. This would hook you up to their blog and the conversation continues and maybe grows. Hmmmmm……. I need to work this out.

It’s like introducing you to somebody at a party and getting their business card to connect with them for coffee or something like that. Hey, it’s an online coffee shop….I hope it's Caribou….humor me!



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