Sunday, January 27, 2008

I was going to do a series of posts that would highlight the various areas of our technical production system but like many other things it had to be lower on the priority list. I will tell you that our main auditorium runs a Yamaha PM5D v.2 and our Loft has a Yamaha M7CL. I am a fan of Yamaha for their audio mixers for some time we will do our good share of homework on deciding what the consoles for FOH and Monitor World will be for our future auditorium expansion.

We have a handful of guys that can make the PM5 purrrrrr. Leading that audio team is Jim Michaels. Jim has an exceptional ear and more so is an outstanding tech. It’s guys like Jim that allow me to spend more time hanging out with people and doing the vision thang instead of hunkered down in the nitty gritty technical stuff of electronics and such.

Jim has recently started a discussion board for Yamaha Digital users Jim says " was created to provide those who operate Yamaha digital sound reinforcement consoles a place to ask questions, seek advice, to troubleshoot and otherwise "just talk about" these wonders of digital sound."

On the road, in the theater, or in a house of worship, Yamaha has become a leader in digital audio. If you or one of your team members is lucky enough to mix on one of their desks then I would encourage to use this great resource.



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