Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm back.....

So, I’m back.

Vacation was great…all fourteen days of it. It was a ‘stay-cation’ for us, but there are plenty of things around St Louis we love to do…and we didn’t get to do all of them. We did lots of family, fun, refreshing stuff though. I am telling people the best part of vacation was the fact that it was nothing but my wife and three daughters for those two weeks. I could do about three more weeks of it but I don’t think my family can!

I have an amazing staff, tech team leaders and volunteers that let me have those fourteen days off with only 3 phone calls and six text messages. This was the first vacation in a long time I have been able to get away from work. It was good.

In my usual way, the last Sunday of vacation I volunteered in Kidz Ministry…the 2’s and 3’s to be exact. Children’s Ministry is my roots in ministry. It’s really where I developed and love kids….though I was reminded why I let Teresa led the early childhood team. I enjoy the elementary age kids more….maybe next time.

As we were shooshing the little ones out the door with their parents at the end of the hour I just happened to look out the door and saw what I thought to be the back of the spiky haired Scott Hodge. I yelled out his name and he and his wife turn around. Being on vacation I didn’t keep up with reading his blog or twitter or even the email he sent over. It was great to see him and meet his wife Amanda.



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