Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pour into others....

original post December 10, 2010

As we quickly approach the end of 2010 it’s easy for any of us to reflect on this past 12 months. For me and my family it has been quite a year. It has not been a stellar year but even through that I am thankful for a group of people that God has surrounded me with.
Both at church and just in my small sphere of influence I have been blessed with folks that are willing to build the relationship and speak into me.  A few of those are guys so incredibly respected in the Church technical ministry field.  It is humbling to think God has provided the opportunities of building relationships with them and being able to engage in some deep conversation.  Conversations are not only stretching me in my craft but in my calling and in my spiritual walk.  I find it amazing how God will surround you with certain people at the right times.  I’m so thankful to Him for these guys and their willingness to pour into me the way they have. 
So let me encourage you, find someone (or a couple of folks) that you can share with and that can pour into you.  You’re not going to make it too long in ministry, let alone technical ministry, without having people who have gone before you to support and to pour into you.  It may be daunting just thinking about opening up to someone and share with them.  Doing so will allow God to do some incredible work in you.
You can’t be just a taker, either.  You are called to pour into others.  Find those people in your life that need to hear your voice and that can take advantage from your experience and wisdom.  Better yet, just be there to pray for them and walk with them through what they are dealing with.  Doing so, again, will allow God to do some incredible work in you.

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