Monday, November 19, 2007

robbie seay in concert

Robbie Seay was in concert here last night. Robbie and his band are very cool... a pleasure to work with! We had a great time...lots of people...good show. Our production team did an excellent job. Tech intern SteveO led the team allowing me to go home and take a nap and come back and play with one of our new HD cameras to record the show.

All in all Robbie had a really good show - except for the lighitng they brought in. They had 10 Martin Mac 250 units programmed for a standard show...low hanging truss and not enought consistant key light on Robbie made it real hard to shoot good footage and hold tight focus on that HD camera. I wish we could had tweaked a bit- but it was good for the live audience

Here are some pics for your viewing please....via Randall



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