Tuesday, November 6, 2007

they are catching up to me...

Well I knew it would happen sooner or later. I have been blogging since back in May when the interview process started heating up with Windsor Crossing. It was just a way to keep a few of my close friends that were praying and advising me up to date on the process. Then I got the job and took all those posts off and invited a few more peeps along as I started blogging about the move and the house search and all that fun transitional schtuff. And then I invited a few more to read as I started the job here at Windsor. But I never let the cat out of the bag for the folks at church...even after a couple of guys heard that I did have a blog. Not because I was saying anything inappropriate or things they shouldn't know....I just didnt.

And so today, I logged on and saw a comment from a co-worker. A bit surprised, but for anyone who would google my name...and it was spelt correctly...you would find plenty of entries that would lead directly back to the blog. So I guess it would happen sooner or later. To all the "WCrossing'ers" - welcome!


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