Monday, December 3, 2007

catching up....

Ok…so it’s been like 2 weeks since I have last posted…but not because I don’t like blogging but I have been up to my nose in schtuff – yes, schtuff. I am sure that you have been more productive though as most of you have this blog on a RSS feed and don’t have to do anything to see when I post. For the rest of you, sorry for wasting your time come here seeing if I have posted anything profound.

These last couple of weeks have been craziness for me. We finally finished up the installation of the new HD video system last week and went online with it this past weekend. WOW! What an amazing difference in quality. Go to www.wcrossing,org and click on the Links and Sign Ups to find the podcast. I will take another post and write about the system and everything surrounding it and include pictures.

With the new HD system our lighting team implemented a whole new light plot that was designed by lighting designer Andy Dunning. It looks great on video. And so they would feel the love too – we threw in eight new Martin Mac 250 wash automated lighting units. Again-that’s another post with pics!

Let’s see….oh yea, I spent the night…well till about 1 in the morning with our stage design team this past Thursday as we set the stage for the Advent season. Yup – pics of that too…coming soon.

It’s been busy, but it is good. Things are slowing down a bit till we hit prep time for our 10 Christmas Eve services. I have a great team of peeps working behind the scenes and executing the scenes which makes my job so much easier…and a joy to do!

Now, go download that podcast from Dec. 1&2 and see the fruits of many, many, many, many hours of labor and let me work on getting those pictures.


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