Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It’s beginning to look a lot like….ahhh-not really...

I am sitting here in my comfy recliner, have some Christmas music playing, my youngest is playing with her Polly Pockets next to me on the floor, my other girls are at school and Teresa picked up a substitute teaching job today…so the house is pretty calm. It's a good time to rest up. The sicky-poohs have been chasing me for the past week. They finally caught me Sunday but I think I am on the upswing today and feeling better.

Last night, Teresa made some Christmas cookies and the girls and I worked on Christmas ornaments spending some quality family time in the kitchen. It has been a while since we have done that. This season feels a bit different. The past six years the Christmas season has meant non-stop working on Christmas Teas, concerts, services and programs and while I was so busy that we really couldn’t enjoy the season all the festivities I was involved in it made it feel like Christmas. This year, I have none of that! And I am not complaining!

It just does not feel like Christmas yet. I am not sure what it is. We have the tree up –and it looks great this year. I spent about two days hanging lights on the house. Teresa has done a great job decorating the inside this year. We took the girls to get their picture taken with Santa. I have Christmas music playing as much as I can. We have watched Polar Express and White Christmas. It just does not feel like Christmas to me. Is this what happens when you grow up…what, did I grow up yet? I miss that magic and anticipation of Christmas. I can see it in my kid’s eyes. We do our best to balance the excitement of Santa and the wonder of Jesus during this season. I miss those high strung emotions I remember having as a little boy during this time of year.

All of those feelings and memories come rushing back to me on Christmas morning though. At the ages the girls are this year I really think this will be a fun time. I can’t wait wake up to the sounds of shrills of excitement seeing the evidence of Santa’s visit. The floor covered by torn wrapping paper and smiles that light up the room.

Until then, we will watch another showing of Charlie Brown’s Christmas and the Polar Express. We will continue working on homemade ornaments, finish decorating Christmas cookies and will be dreaming of a white Christmas.


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