Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visual Worship 2010

You ever get something in your head or heart and it won't let ya go? You do what you can to research and learn more about that topic…and you keep learning and discovering? That is what this whole 'Visual Worship' conversation is doing to me. I was captured many years ago and have explored and experimented in Visual Worship along my journey.

Recently, I've joined leaders like Stephen Proctor and Camron Ware in conversations on the topic. I think we keep discovering the more we learn the more we need to learn. More recently, while attending the Dirt Conference, the conversation continued with some great thinkers and doers in like Sally Morgenthaler, Camron, Stephen, Brad Weston and Daley Hake. But this is a larger discussion than forty five minutes will honor. I wanted to spend a few more hours in the conversation.

So, here is your invitation to enter the conversation @ Visual Worship 2010.

- When is it? // January 14th, 2010

- Where is it? // St. Louis, MO @ Windsor Crossing Community Church

- Does it cost anything? // Yes. And only $25.

- Where can I register & get more information? //

- What can I expect to get out of this event? // This is not a "conference", so it won't follow any format like one. Most of the day will be an open dialogue where all are invited to participate. There will be structure, but it will be informal and designed to flow freely. With a bunch of creative-techs in the room, I'm sure we'll cover topics on technology and gear. But this isn't a "tech" event…there aren't going to be any training sessions on software (though we might be using/demonstrating certain softwares throughout the day). We will definitely talk about ways that all of us have implemented technology throughout the year, such as VJ-ing, Environmental Projection, creating atmosphere, new content ideas, etc. But in the midst of touching on the "whats" & "hows", our priority will be on the "why". We hope to get into some deep & possibly controversial conversations on our philosophies of visual worship, theology, current Church culture, building stronger relationships, and ways to be more effective visual worship leaders. Hopefully through this experience we will draw closer to each other & to Jesus, to whom this is all for in the first place.

Some other questions you might ask:

- Q. I love a philosophical discussion just like the next guy, but I still have some questions about "gear". Will there be any time or place to have my questions answered? // A. Yes! While we don't claim to have all the answers, we most definitely want to help you along your journey. Since everyone's questions & situations are unique, we probably won't address these in the large group setting. But there will be time during the day for individual conversations, no matter the topic. And if that's not enough, then you'll leave with everyone's contact info.

- Q. Whoa! This event is just around the corner! I would love to come but it's too short of a notice. Will there be more gatherings like this in the future? // A. Yes. But we don't know when yet. Hopefully a few of these will take place in 2010, and not just in the St. Louis area either. Watch this blog & the Events page for upcoming Roundtables.

- Q. Will this be a large event? // A. My guess is no. And we're fine with that. In fact, a smaller, more intimate setting will allow for more voices to be heard and for more flexibility in our conversations. But the more, the merrier, too! Numbers aren't our focus…growing deeper in our understanding of visual worship IS. This will be an epic day, even if there are 8 of us (and there will be at least that many!)