Saturday, September 29, 2007

I’d like to thank all the little people…

So I have been notified that I have been nominated as Best Technical Director for the Solomon Awards. The Solomon Awards are presented by Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities magazine during their WFX-Worship Facilities Expo at the end of October. I have never won, let alone or nominated, for an award like this. It’s pretty cool to be recognized for your work. I am honored to be included this group of Best T.D. nominees and while I highly doubt I will win the award I hope God will allow me to continue what I love to do and honor Him.

Not only was I nominated but so was our church for our website and our Technical Production teams. This is an amazing place to be. I love the freedom that we have to pursue creative arts and push the limits in order to better communicate the Gospel. The reward from me is to see our people use their gifts to help engage and connect believers and seekers to the life changing message that is so boldly proclaimed here at Windsor Crossing.

Congrats team!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Water Feature

This past weekend Greg spoke from Revelations 3 on being a change agent at Windsor Crossing. We are told to be hot or cold but not lukewarm. I grew up hearing this text interpreted in several different ways but I think Greg’s message is my favorite. You can hear it or see it by clicking on the links.

Within his message we showed a video from his recent trip down to Nicaragua where we and several other churches have begun to drill wells for fresh water in these deeply deprived areas. You can read more about that initiative here.

So, I thought, he is preaching about water….the video is about water…we should have water in the room! And so we did. We built a water feature that lent itself well to our stage design for the message series. We used the scaffold that was already incorporated into the design and took pvc pipe and a pump and a metal feeding troth tube and created this cool effect. It looked great and worked great.

60 days +

Well they haven’t fired me yet. Yesterday marked my first sixty days on staff here at Windsor Crossing. These two months have flown by. Getting acclimated into the culture here, learning the processes and getting to know the people has been exhausting, refreshing and fun. I think the things are going well. My teams have come right along side of me and we are strengthening up. The folks here blow me away…their commitment, their desire, their creativity –all for a common goal.

Some of you have asked what I have missed in the last sixty days….how about what I haven’t missed –like choir, organ, service transitions – yup…haven’t missed that for a minute!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

yea, yea

I's been over a month since the last update. But that is what you get when read the blog of one that just won't stop to sit down and type. These blogs are usually musings of things in life, work, family, one's own head....but I find it difficult sometimes to find anything in my head.......let me restate that.

The programming team had an off-site brainstorming meeting to work on the next serveral months to the end of the year. We had a great time. One of the attenders here at Windsor Crossing own 100 acres out in the middle of nowhere...and it was beautiful!!! The day was gorgeous with temps in the 80's and blue sky. We used thier barn which is pimped out to the max with full kitchen and dining area and bedroom and a couple of bathrooms. A big patio, a creek, pool, horses, Julio the roaming burrough and two huge dogs named Tucker and Olga. Here is Olga...

That was how we all were at the end of the day. Some incredible time spent on some amazingly creative ideas. I look forward to the upcoming months here. In the mean time I hope to get some time lounging around like Olga does!